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Freedom and Justice Party Prefers Closed List System for Possible Parliamentary Re-Elections
Freedom and Justice Party Prefers Closed List System for Possible Parliamentary Re-Elections
Only months ago, Egypt’s first freely, democratically contested parliamentary elections were held at an estimated cost of LE2 billion (almost US$335 million) to the cash-stripped nation, and now a court is to decide whether re-elections are necessary.
Friday, September 14,2012 00:41

Dr. Mohamed Imad-Eddin, member of the National Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), affirmed that the party favors a closed list system for possible parliamentary re-elections, because it is positively better for the homeland.

Dr. Imad-Eddin further affirmed that the party list election system allows for wider and more comprehensive participation, and for higher participation of youth and women, and will lead to pumping of fresh blood into Egyptian political life.

The FJP leader also reminded that the party won more seats through the individual list system in the last parliamentary elections.

"The FJP may contest the potentially-forthcoming parliamentary elections alone using a closed party lists, if we indeed have parliamentary re-elections. This will depend on the new Constitution and the law of parliamentary elections, as well as the law of the People's Assembly. I cannot rule out an alliance with any political parties, though.

"The FJP would contest 100% of the seats, whether it uses the list or individual systems. If we do forge an alliance, the party would be competing for only 60% of the seats."
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