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Freedom and Justice Party Supports Workers' Rights and Independence of Trade Union Action
Freedom and Justice Party Supports Workers' Rights and Independence of Trade Union Action
Saber Abul-Fotouh, of the Freedom and Justice Party – the political wing of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, affirms that the FJP is keen to safeguard workers' rights and the independence of trade union action.
Tuesday, September 25,2012 00:25

Saber Abul-Fotouh, manpower chief at the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), assured that the party seeks full-time, permanent employment for all temporary workers in Egypt, in addition to solving all the problems of workers in governorates across the country, and enacting the law of trade union freedoms.

The FJP leader said that the party’s Manpower Committee calls for amendments to the labor law, to ensure balance in the relationship between workers on the one side, and businessmen and companies on the other, so as to protect all labor rights and safeguard social security.

At the same time, Abul-Fotouh went on, "the FJP seeks to safeguard the rights of the investors to increase the quality and quantity of production, including the restructuring of wage systems in Egypt, and the application of minimum and maximum wages, according to the concept adopted by international labor organizations".

In a statement, Abul-Fotouh added that the FJP has a real and powerful program and fully comprehensive plans to eliminate unemployment – based on several perspectives, including the technical education perspective, through transformational training, vocational guidance and professional preparation.

"The FJP’s program also focuses attention on training centers all over the country, as well as accord between the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Arab and Muslim countries to safeguard workers' rights."

Abul-Fotouh further revealed that the FJP has a special vision for a number of laws to attract investment within Egypt, based on the creation of a favorable climate for investment and improving working conditions and infrastructure, as well as investing the country's natural resources – the most important of which is the human element.

"Indeed, the FJP has a clear and complete vision for the advancement of labor unions, safeguarding freedom and independence of the trade unions, and workers' participation in the development of regulations and laws."

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