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Heshmat: Freedom and Justice Party Welcomes Political Opposition and Real Alliances
Heshmat: Freedom and Justice Party Welcomes Political Opposition and Real Alliances
Dr. Gamal Heshmat, of the Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party, reiterates that the FJP welcomes fair competition, honorable opposition and real alliances that seek to serve the interests of the homeland and the people, away from pointless prejudice and futile confrontation.
Tuesday, September 25,2012 06:54

 Dr. Gamal Heshmat, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee, assured that any alliance or coalition based simply on confrontation of a particular party or movement would be doomed to failure, and that ideas based on provocation and slander cannot flourish at all.

"We welcome all real alliances and strong parties that aim to reach into the Egyptian street, serve citizens and provide innovations that benefit the community and help solve problems. Such parties enrich political life. And, in the end, all should help serve public interest."

Dr. Heshmat criticized those who reject democracy and its application when it does not suit them, their whims and desires and narrow personal interests. He pointed that there are parties that worked hard to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich through serious social work on the ground.

"A coalition will not create a strong opposition, except when its first goal is to participate in political life in the service of the homeland and the people, in the first place, and before any other considerations. The FJP welcomes any real opposition that seeks to contribute to the country’s political life."

Meanwhile, Heshmat expressed surprise at demands by certain political forces that FJP members should keep away from President Mohamed Morsi, leave him alone, and abandon his platform.

"How can we leave him alone? He belongs to the same party we belong to, and his platform is ours, too. This talk is confused, illogical."
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