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Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Participate in Friday November 9 Demonstrations
Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Participate in Friday November 9 Demonstrations
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood announces it will not be joining this Friday’s demonstrations across the country protesting perceived ambiguity of the position of Sharia (Islamic Law) in the new national charter and requesting a clearer stronger role for it.
Thursday, November 8,2012 00:38

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood leader said the group would not participate in the demonstrations on Friday, November 9, 2012 – known to the media as "Sharia Friday".

Furthermore, Dr. Ghozlan assured that there has been consensus in the Constituent Assembly, entrusted with drafting Egypt’s first post-revolution constitution, to add new text in the constitution that explains the meaning of disputed Article 2’s phrase "Islamic Principles", and that the new text was drafted by senior Azhar scholars, and thus achieves the desired goal and satisfies all parties.

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