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Amr Darrag: Constituent Assembly Operates in Full Glare of Political Process, Not Behind Closed Doors
Amr Darrag: Constituent Assembly Operates in Full Glare of Political Process, Not Behind Closed Doors
Secretary-General of the Egyptian charter-writing assembly affirms that his institution is not involved in any “under-the-table” transactions, and that protestors have their sights set on parliamentary elections – probably coming soon.
Thursday, November 8,2012 08:17

 Dr. Amr Darrag, Secretary-General of the Constituent Assembly (CA) entrusted with drawing up Egypt’s first post-revolution Constitution, said that – from the outset – the CA invited citizens to send their suggestions, so the new constitution would be most consensual.

Darrag added that the CA decided, right from the start, that its work would be declared in a totally transparent manner, "drafts of the Constitution are available on the Assembly’s website on the internet. We have absolutely nothing to hide".

He further explained that the absence of a constitution in Egypt, makes for a terrible lack of political and economic stability.

Darrag also said that there is no disagreement among  the various parties over the basic components of the state, and that the CA does not include any so-called religious or military parties: all parties in Egypt are civil entities. He added that all parties are agreed on Islamic (Sharia) reference.

"Certain political parties taking opposing positions within the CA seem to do so in the hope of winning votes in the coming parliamentary elections."

Moreover, Darrag said: "All we’ve done within the CA is preparatory work which will be subject to final approval in the end, after the internal CA poll. If the Assembly approves the mixed system of governance where power is balanced between the president and the parliament, there would be no justification for the presence of a Vice-President.

"The participation of women in political life will not come to be through imposing a proportion of them in parliament; but will come through a gradual change in culture and activation of the role of women within political parties."
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