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Wael Ghoneim: President Morsi’s Vision on New Constitution Most Reassuring
Wael Ghoneim: President Morsi’s Vision on New Constitution Most Reassuring
Egyptian revolutionary youth and political activists find President Morsi’s vision for the country’s new national charter quiet encouraging.
Thursday, November 8,2012 20:46

Political activist Wael Ghoneim said that President Mohamed Morsi heard, during a meeting last Sunday with revolutionary youths, several suggestions for mechanisms to end current Constituent Assembly disputes.

This meeting was part of a series conducted by the President with various national forces and stakeholders in order to build consensus over Egypt’s post-revolution constitution. Ghoneim stressed that President Morsi’s vision for the Constitution is most reassuring.

On his official Facebook page, Ghoneim mentioned that President Morsi said during the meeting that he, together with his team of advisors, is having extensive dialogue with all political and social forces and players, with the aim of reaching points of agreement, to put national interest above narrow partisan purposes, to avoid the political and economic situation in Egypt getting even more complicated.

"The President listened very attentively to everything iterated by participants, all criticisms and ideas on the draft constitution. He was keen to put forth his vision, which we found most encouraging. The President also spoke about some of the challenges currently facing Egypt, such as the issue of security, the Sinai and the current economic situation."

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