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‘Know Your Charter’ Campaign by Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party
‘Know Your Charter’ Campaign by Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party
Egypt Brotherhood and FJP leaders launch popular constitution-familiarization initiative, with members touring all provinces across the country to educate locals and get their feedback on new national charter.
Saturday, November 10,2012 08:14

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) organized several seminars and conferences in Egypt’s provinces, under the title ‘Know Your Charter’, to raise awareness of the new Constitution currently being written.

They also conducted community discussions with massive public attendance, where people were encouraged to voice their concerns and suggestions regarding the constitution’s articles.

Elsewhere, in a public conference in Dakahlia - north of Cairo, Abdul-Rahman Salim, member of the Shura Council (higher house of Egyptian Parliament), said: "In the new constitution, the powers of the president are reduced from 60 authorities in the Constitution of 1971 to only 4 authorities in 2012".

In Shubra, the FJP Women's Committee organized an educational seminar entitled ‘Know Your Charter’ in the presence of Dr. Enas Mabrook, Secretary of the FJP Women's Committee in Shubra, who reviewed constitution-writing experiences in countries the world.

The seminar addressed the setup of the Constituent Assembly tasked with drawing up the new charter. It also discussed the various chapters of the draft constitution, reviewed their articles, and took comments from the audience about some of the articles, so as to deliver those to the FJP Secretariat and on to the Constituent Assembly.

Meanwhile, The FJP Secretariat in Warraq (Giza) held a popular rally and conference entitled ‘Know Your Charter’ at the party headquarters, which hosted both Amr Abdel-Hadi, member of the Constituent Assembly; and Tariq Mustafa, member of the Shura Council (representing the Civilization Party).

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