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Amr Darrag: Optimistic about Future Egyptian-US Relations, after Obama’s Second Term Win
Amr Darrag: Optimistic about Future Egyptian-US Relations, after Obama’s Second Term Win
Freedom and Justice Party’s Foreign Relations Committee Chairman expresses hope US President Obama’s second term as head of the administration would witness greater, fairer and more cooperative relations between Egypt and the US.
Saturday, November 10,2012 22:28

Dr. Amr Darrag, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Foreign Relations Committee, expressed optimism about the future of Egyptian-United States relations, “because Egypt has become a major player in international politics.

"U.S. foreign policy has certain fixed elements that do not change, even as the administration changes. But Obama's triumph reduces the duration U.S. administration requires to reconsider outstanding issues. This gives Arab countries the opportunity to interact directly with the U.S. administration, to try to achieve their strategic interests.

"We look forward to a US foreign policy that is both fair and balanced, and an Egyptian-US relationship that is all balanced as well. We hope mutual relations between the two countries would not be forced through an Israeli portal, like the QIZ agreement, under which a certain proportion of Israeli-made components must be in Egyptian products for them to be exported to the USA. Certainly, there are Egyptian-US interests that do not require Israel to be involved as a partner."

Darrag expressed the hope that the U.S. administration would take into account the Egyptian popular will and the national will, as it lays out plans for dealing with Egypt in the coming period.

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