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Ghozlan: Morsi Constitutional Declaration in Line with Popular Will and Revolutionary Demands
Ghozlan: Morsi Constitutional Declaration in Line with Popular Will and Revolutionary Demands
Responding to public and revolutionary demands, Egypt President Morsi issues a Constitutional Declaration to complement an earlier one issued by the Military Council, in order to protect the path of democratic transformation currently under threat.
Friday, November 23,2012 08:30

 Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood leader, affirmed that President Mohamed Morsi’s decrees are revolutionary – a positive response to popular will.

"These decrees protect the original demands of the revolution, since its early days – the dismissal of the Public Prosecutor and real investigations and trials for those who murdered unarmed revolutionaries."

Regarding the Constituent Assembly (CA) tasked with writing the country’s new national charter, Ghozlan said: "CA achievements, in drafting the new constitution, are rejected by certain elitist CA members who have never contributed anything significant, and are driven only by private interests.

"Everyone knows how ‘deep state’ is prevalent in all Egyptian state institutions. We, therefore, must confront all obstacles to democratization in the coming months."
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