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Alexandria Brotherhood: Liberal and Secular Forces Violated Our Offices; We Respect Rule of Law
Alexandria Brotherhood: Liberal and Secular Forces Violated Our Offices; We Respect Rule of Law
While known thugs are caught red-handed for torching Egypt Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in three provinces, the Brotherhood vow to never resort to such heinous maneuvers.
Saturday, November 24,2012 16:08

The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria condemned violent attacks by liberal and secular forces against peaceful supporters of President Mohamed Morsi, against the sanctity of Islamic places of worship, e.g. the ‘Al Qa'ed Ibrahim’ mosque in Alexandria.

In a statement, the Brotherhood said: “We never expected a day would come when mosques and worshipers are attacked with stones, fireworks and bottles, which is just what happened – witnessed by many and documented by video cameras”.

The Brotherhood confirmed that liberal and secular forces storming, smashing up and burning the Brotherhood’s and its Freedom and Justice Party’s headquarters in Alexandria is certainly a serious crime.

The Brotherhood stressed that it respects the authority of the state and its institutions, that its members will never break that principle or resort to such uncivilized methods, and that it will not allow such violations of its offices to happen again.

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