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Erian: Some Fear Democracy, the Constitution, Elections and the New Public Prosecutor
Erian: Some Fear Democracy, the Constitution, Elections and the New Public Prosecutor
In Egypt, revolutionary action turning serious worries thousands of corrupt Mubarak-era beneficiaries and criminal cronies who now fear democracy, accountability and the people’s free will.
Monday, November 26,2012 12:12

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice-Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that those fearful of democracy, those who are not prepared for democratic processes, do not want the Constitution to see the light. Because, soon after that, the elections will follow, and facing the people and the truth.

On his Facebook page, Erian said: "Those fearful of accountability for the blood they shed, for the lives they took, are certainly afraid of the new Public Prosecutor, respected by everyone as a fair and efficient leading member of the judiciary.

"Also, those fearful of accountability for theft and systematic plundering of the people’s resources, the country’s wealth, those who failed to escape out of the country with smuggled treasures, fear the new constitution, which has a whole Chapter on independent oversight tools and authorities capable of exposing corruption and prosecuting all culprits in real trials – with real evidence – in the name of the people."

Erian further said: "Those fearful of their own files getting finally opened, exposing their collaboration with the Mubarak regime politically and in the media as well security affairs, those who allied themselves with foreign enemies against their own country, are now afraid all the secrets will be revealed."
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