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Final Internal Committee Vote on Egypt Draft Constitution Thursday
Final Internal Committee Vote on Egypt Draft Constitution Thursday
Ghariani announces putting final draft of Egypt’s new national charter to a last internal vote Thursday, assuring that the charter-writing panel has adopted some amendments demanded by members who had announced withdrawal.
Thursday, November 29,2012 11:08
Members of the Constituent Assembly (CA) tasked with drawing up Egypt’s first post-revolution national charter agreed to put the Constitution to a final vote in a meeting Thursday, at ten in the morning. Justice Hossam Ghariani, CA Chairman, said that this will be a great day in the history of the Assembly.

Justice Ghariani urged CA members to invite withdrawing members to have the honor of participating in the release of the Constitution, which will undoubtedly be a historic day. He also invited reserve members to “attend a glorious session” Thursday.

Ghariani affirmed that suggestions submitted by a number of members who had pulled out of the CA have been taken into account, and that amendments have been introduced, based on those suggestions. He further appealed to withdrawn members to put Egypt's interest above any other consideration.

Sources in the CA confirmed that Thursday morning’s session will witness a final vote on the articles of the Constitution.
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