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Walid Shalaby: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Strengthening of State Institutions
Walid Shalaby: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Strengthening of State Institutions
Vowing to aid efforts building up the country’s state institutions, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood will not disrupt the work of judges or courts – contrary to yet more false reports by anti-Islamist media.
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Sunday, December 2,2012 15:31

In a press statement, on Saturday evening, Walid Shalaby, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Badie’s media advisor, denied false news-reports that claim the Brotherhood instructed its supporters to head for the Supreme Constitutional Court to prevent its members from entering their offices.

Shalaby said, "The Muslim Brotherhood approach does not condone preventing institutions form doing their job. On the contrary, it is based on building up and strengthening of institutions according to principles of legitimacy, the law and the Constitution.

"No Muslim Brotherhood member will get involvement in disrupting a judge’s work. Muslim Brothers appreciate judges and the judiciary, and are doing a lot for their independence."

Shalaby called on all media workers to commit to at least a minimum of honesty, objectivity and professional integrity in the critical transitional phase Egypt is going through.

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