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Camel Battle 2 Targets Muslim Brotherhood Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace
Camel Battle 2 Targets Muslim Brotherhood Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace
With feverish media cover, and so-called liberal political leaders aiding and abetting anti-Morsi mercenaries, a second ‘Camel Battle’ claimed the lives of 9 unarmed Muslim Brotherhood youths out to peacefully show support for President Morsi.
Monday, December 10,2012 22:48

At the most critical moment of the Egyptian people’s revolution against former President Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and others in Cairo’s Tahrir Square managed to fend off paid thuggery against the revolutionaries in what is known in the media as the ‘Camel Battle’.

Almost two years on, the Brotherhood and other popular forces – out to show support for the legitimacy of the democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi outside the Itehadia Palace (seat of power in Egypt) – faced another, fiercer and more desperate battle.

Now, thugs and criminals used bladed weapons, firearms, tear gas bombs and Molotov cocktails as they attacked completely unarmed pro-President peaceful demonstrators.

With the well-known consultant Mamdouh Hamza talking openly of ‘a possible major storming of the Presidential Palace and former presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi, Amr Moussa and Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei stirring up an atmosphere of chaos in the vicinity of the presidential palace, nine MB youths were killed. Attending their funerals over the past days was Mohamed Badie, MB Chairman, with several other MB leaders.

Medical sources affirm that these Brotherhood martyrs were not the victims of clashes, as alleged by the media, but of bullets shot directly into their heads and abdomens.

Dr. Essam El-Erian described the battle, saying: "This is no political opposition, but the last battle of the deep State".
Erian denounced the alliance of politicians with former regime loyalists who shot dead unarmed supporters of President Morsi.

Erian further said, "There is no dialogue under the screaming bullets of hired thugs. Especially, when one party is heavily armed and the other completely unarmed.

"The same bloody scenes were repeated before the last parliamentary elections. Now we’re having the sequel just before the referendum on the constitution, as we get ready for the real start of rebuilding State institutions."

Meanwhile, observers of the political scene, say that just as the Brotherhood protected the legitimacy of the revolution in Tahrir Square, it continues to protect the legitimacy of elected State institutions in front of the presidential palace, despite successive waves of barbaric violence targeting its headquarters across Egypt.

The current wave of thuggery included MB leaders, the latest of whom was Sobhi Saleh, member of the Constituent Assembly tasked with writing Egypt’s new national charter. Paid thugs ambushed and beat Saleh in an unprovoked brutal attack, then tried to push him under a coming train. He was saved just in time by a large number of citizens. He was then taken to hospital.

Later, on Wednesday evening, thousands of demonstrators marched all around the Presidential Palace, denouncing rampant violence against supporters of President Morsi, and urging the judiciary and prosecutors to quickly investigate these crimes.

The demonstrators also condemned businessmen and politicians who instigated the massacre and other brutal attacks through their TV appearances, such as Mamdouh Hamza, Hamdeen Sabbahi, Mohamed ElBaradei and Amr Moussa.

Several satellite TV channels are still determined to broadcast packs of lies and misinformation in a relentless and desperate war they viciously wage against the Brotherhood, just after a reported meeting between Sabbahi and extremist Lebanese politician Samir Ga’ga, a mastermind of civil wars in Lebanon.

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