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Muslim Brotherhood’s Ghozlan Statement on Shootings by Masked Men in Tahrir Square
Muslim Brotherhood’s Ghozlan Statement on Shootings by Masked Men in Tahrir Square
Contrary to false media accusations blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for an incident earlier Tuesday where masked men shot Tahrir protesters, Ghozlan stresses Brotherhood would never engage in such violent crimes.
Tuesday, December 11,2012 13:39

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood leader, said that mass media picked up a story claiming that three masked men who opened fire on protesters in Tahrir Square, and that a number of protesters were injured, adding that some media outlets were trying to blame the violence on Islamists.

"Everyone knows that Islamists respect the sanctity of Egyptian blood, and they would never spill the blood of peaceful demonstrators. Evidently, Islamists did participate in many demonstrations since the revolution. They were always the victims of attacks by thugs and assassins. Many of them fell dead and hundreds injured in defense of unarmed demonstrators. They never sought revenge.

"The Muslim Brotherhood condemns any attack or violence by any party. It affirms that freedom of opinion and demonstration is guaranteed to all, provided protests remain peaceful and do not cause any damage to public or private property or other demonstrators, and they should not disrupt production."

Cairo - December 11, 2012

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