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Revolutionary Killings Fact-Finding Committee Statement Refutes Brotherhood Unit 95 Rumors
Revolutionary Killings Fact-Finding Committee Statement Refutes Brotherhood Unit 95 Rumors
The fact-finding committee – set up by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi to investigate the death of unarmed revolutionaries during the January revolution and its aftermath – rejects as unfounded fabrications reports that a so-called Brotherhood Unit 95 was involved in killing demonstrators.
Saturday, January 5,2013 23:09

Certain print and broadcast media and Internet social networking websites have been circulating baseless misinformation falsely claiming that a fact-finding committee report implicates a particular group. These media outlets have also been making unfounded claims and allegations that the committee established that the group operates special force units.

Although normally committee members must not disclose the contents of its report in order to safeguard ongoing investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor, we firmly reject as totally false allegations that the report mentions any such claims, out of our sense of responsibility and our belief that no person, group or organization should be accused of any wrong-doing unjustly and without proof.

We call on the press and the media to commit to accuracy and to refrain from contributing to the spread of fabricated rumors that exploit the confidential nature of the report to defame the reputation of innocent people or to try to mislead and misguide public opinion.

Members of the fact-finding committee

Mohamed Damati

Khaled Badawi

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