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Badie: Revolution Anniversary Reminds of Need for Cooperation and Forgiveness
Badie: Revolution Anniversary Reminds of Need for Cooperation and Forgiveness
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood chief Badie calls for reconciliation, tolerance and cooperation on the January 25 revolution’s second anniversary, reminding that Egypt needs all its citizens’ best efforts.
Saturday, January 12,2013 10:03

In a recorded message aired by Misr25 Egyptian satellite TV channel, Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood General Guide and Chairman, said:

In a few days, we will celebrate the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution in which many of Egypt's youth – men and women, Muslims and Christians – sacrificed their precious blood, even their very souls, in order for Egypt to gain its freedom and begin the journey of real renaissance.

This urges us to be as Sheikh Mohamed Al-Ghazali described ‘true revolutionaries, who rise in revolt to abolish corruption; then calm down to build glories’.

Let us build glories with the completion of Egypt’s State institutions. We now have an elected President, a Constitution approved by the people and an elected Shura Council (upper house of parliament); and we await the election of the House of Representatives. The Egyptian train has started off; and we are all passengers in it.

Addressing supporters and opponents, Badie further said:

Let us unite, forget and forgive all wrongdoing. If we erred against anyone, we genuinely apologize. If anyone made a mistake against us, we sincerely forgive them. We should get busy with our important goal: achieving real renaissance for Egypt.

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