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Ashri: New Evidence Expected in Retrial of Mubarak and Aides After Appeal Decision
Ashri: New Evidence Expected in Retrial of Mubarak and Aides After Appeal Decision
Freedom and Justice Party legal expert Ashri believes new evidence will be accepted in the case against ousted president Mubarak and his top officials charged with killing peaceful revolutionaries.
Sunday, January 13,2013 22:51

Mukhtar Ashri, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Legal Committee, affirmed that the report of the fact-finding committee could be included in the re-trial of deposed Mubarak and others accused of killing unarmed revolutionaries, because it includes vital new evidence.

"The acceptance of the appeal is a normal step in the legal procedure, especially as the prosecution’s challenge against those acquitted in the same case has been accepted. Re-trials will begin soon for Mubarak and Adli and others.

"New suspects may be added, according to the Law on the Protection of the revolution, with the amended procedural law."

Ashri said he did not expect Mubarak to be acquitted. On the contrary, he expected him and his interior minister to receive the death penalty, according to the new evidence contained in the fact-finding committee’s report.

Earlier, the Court of Cassation, headed by Judge Ahmed Ali Abdel-Rahman, First Deputy Chairman of the Court of Cassation, reversed all judgments of the Cairo Criminal Court, in the case of the ousted president and co-defendants, and ordered retrials for all before a Cairo Criminal Court different form that which issued the first verdicts.

The re-trial for killing peaceful protesters during the January revolution will include the ousted president, the Minister of interior and six of his top aides: Major General Ahmed Ramzi, former head of the Central Security Forces; Major General Adli Fayed, former director of Public Security; Major General Hassan Abdel-Rahman, former head of State Security; Major General Ismail Al-Shaer, former director of Security of Cairo; Major General Osama Al-Marasi, former director of Security of Giza; Major General Omar Faramawy, former director of Security of ‘Sixth of October’ city.

There will also be a re-trial of the case of financial corruption, presidential influence peddling and exporting Egyptian gas to Israel. This will also include the deposed president and his two sons Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, as well as fugitive businessman Hussein Salem.


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