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Hassan Malik: Egypt Will Overcome Economic Crisis Soon
Hassan Malik: Egypt Will Overcome Economic Crisis Soon
Economist, businessman and ‘Egyptian Business Development Association’ chief Malik affirms that Egypt is a big economy and that it will recover from its current crisis very shortly.
Tuesday, January 15,2013 17:22

In a televised interview, Hassan Malik, Chairman of the Egyptian Business Development Association (EBDA), said that the economic process in Egypt has three main sides – the government, the private sector and taxes, stressing the importance of the participation of the entire society in the building of the Egyptian economy.

"In the next few months, there will be seminars, lectures and conferences to discuss the economy and debate the most important economic problems and how to achieve progress and prosperity. Egypt will soon have a very strong economy, and will get beyond its current economic crisis, with its great success factors, resources and experience.

"Taxes should not be imposed without public dialogue, so they would not hurt low income citizens. As for security and stability, which would help a strong return of investors to Egypt, they are of tremendous importance. Generally, Egypt needs a powerful will to act. It will only succeed through the endeavors of its great people. The ordinary citizen must feel the development in Egypt."

Malik further stressed the urgent need and importance of abandoning political conflict and vilifying accomplishments. He also praised a number of Arab countries persistently trying to help Egypt get out of its economic crisis.

With regard to rumors circulated in the media, claiming that Egypt is being sold to Arab investors, Malik reaffirmed that all these are but false fabrications, and that Egypt is a big country that no one can buy.
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