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Al-Garf: Freedom and Justice Party Has Comprehensive Parliamentary Agenda
Al-Garf: Freedom and Justice Party Has Comprehensive Parliamentary Agenda
Freedom and Justice Party women endeavor to alleviate the suffering of the people, just as the party gears up for forthcoming parliamentary elections.
Friday, January 18,2013 18:34

Dr. Azza Al-Garf, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leader, visited FJP headquarters in Mansoura, accompanied by a special delegation including Dr. Makarim Al-Dairi, Azhar University professor and FJP leader; and MP Seham Al-Gamal, former deputy of the People's Assembly (lower house of parliament).

Dr. Al-Garf affirmed that "The FJP has a full parliamentary agenda based on Egypt’s most important priorities, especially since the ousted regime ruined the whole country and eliminated all elements of strengths. The most important of these priorities are security, the economy, education, health, transport and communications".

Al-Garf further said: "FJP Women's Secretariat actively addresses issues and concerns important to the people."

Dr. Al-Dairi added that, "The role of FJP Women’s Secretariat in this phase is to help alleviate the suffering of the Egyptian family by organizing medical convoys as well as educational convoys for women, to teach them about ,eg, nutrition. The Secretariat must also help women breadwinners and eradicate women's illiteracy, which prevents their taking leadership roles in society.

"The FJP Women's Secretariat organizes training courses to promote female leaders nationwide, focusing on political and partisan issues, because partisan action is something of a novelty in Egypt, where no-one had any previous experience in real partisan work or involvement in real political life, due to long decades of political repression and corruption. The FJP’s training program includes preparing women who can lead the way in these difficult times."

Meanwhile, Seham Al-Gamal, said: "One of the priorities of the FJP Women’s Secretariat is boosting the capabilities of women leaders through training and continuing education, because women’s role is essential in society.

"There certainly is no distinction between men and women in the FJP’s election platform. Women are a key partner and supporter of all reform and development initiatives".
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