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Third Attack on Muslim Brotherhood’s Ikhwanonline website HQ in Cairo Downtown
Third Attack on Muslim Brotherhood’s Ikhwanonline website HQ in Cairo Downtown
As the Brotherhood devotes its efforts to serve the Egyptian man in the street, with medical convoys and huge charitable markets, dark forces comprising thugs and saboteurs persistently target its offices.
Friday, January 25,2013 21:49

In a statement Friday, the management of Ikhwanonline, the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood, said that a group of men from the march heading from Shubra to Tahrir Square, masked and armed – waving April 6 Movement flags, stormed Ikhwanonline’s headquarters in Altawfikiya neighborhood in downtown Cairo. Those masked men threw the office’s computers and other contents from the third floor to the street below despite attempts by residents and merchants around the area to stop them.

Those men also assaulted residents and merchants with cartouche rifles, bladed weapons and Molotov cocktail bombs, injuring a number of them, some very seriously. All shops in the area had to be closed in a complete absence of security forces.

The same group of assailants confronted and attacked fire trucks that tried to control the fire and assaulted fire-engines with fire-bombs, stones and cartouche rifles. Residents and traders tried to contain the attackers with chants of "peaceful, peaceful", but to no avail.

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