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Ahmed Diab: Salvation Front's Demands Unreasonable, Undemocratic
Ahmed Diab: Salvation Front's Demands Unreasonable, Undemocratic
Egypt’s National Salvation Front leaders threaten to reject the country’s new national charter, approved by popular referendum weeks ago, as the Front’s members are implicated in ‘peaceful’ protests that killed and maimed hundreds across the homeland.
Monday, January 28,2013 06:49

 Dr. Ahmed Diab, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Office, said the statement issued by opposition leaders of the National Salvation Front (NSF) was confused:

"The NSF just wants to give political cover to justify its involvement in ongoing violent crimes their members are committing, including attempted murder, arson, burglary, sabotage and vandalism, on the 2nd anniversary of the January 25 Revolution. But they cannot so fast wash their hands of the blood of Egyptians they shed in one way or another.

"Demands mentioned in the NSF statement Sunday, like threatening to reject the Constitution and stipulating early presidential elections, are illegitimate, illogical, do not conform to political practice norms and are not based on any democratic standards or principles.

"What’s the meaning of NSF threats, preconditions and refusal to engage in ongoing national dialogue? What’s the meaning of NSF resolve to make constitutional amendments away from known legitimate mechanisms of effecting constitutional amendment? What kind of political practice is this? How will the NSF impose its political views in the coming phase of its history, with the help of the so-called Black Bloc militias?!"

He further said, "Parties serious about reaching a comprehensive, broad-based national solution do not hesitate to cooperate with the National Research Council for new mechanisms and ways to get out of crises. The institution of the Presidency has long advocated open dialogue. It has always been the NSF that refused to join such national dialogue."

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