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Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Continue 'Together We Build Egypt' Campaign
Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Continue 'Together We Build Egypt' Campaign
The Brotherhood’s active community service campaign continues for the second week, serving more than 500,000 citizens already, and promising to serve millions more in its decades old regular event to help Egypt’s poor and low income people.
Friday, February 1,2013 15:25

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) announced the results of the first week of their campaign 'Together, We Build Egypt', in which more than half a million citizens benefited from medical convoys, wholesale markets and other charitable service activities across 20 provinces.

During a press conference Thursday, Dr. Mustafa Ghoneimy, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and coordinator of the campaign, affirmed that the healthcare project, which aims to treat a million patients and provide medical services in all provinces, organized 596 medical convoys that benefited 231,750 citizens in the first week.

"The campaign carried out renovation, restoration and beautification of 1123 public schools, out of a total 2000 schools targeted by the campaign. Also, in order to ease the burden on Egyptian households, the campaign organized 541 charitable wholesale markets, selling goods at reduced price, and benefiting 346,066.

"In its tree-planting initiative, the campaign planted 145,493 trees. The campaign also organized a range of activities and other events, such as 150 veterinary convoys, assistance in marriage costs for a thousand young couples, 25 used-clothes markets, 210 cleaning campaigns, blood donation campaigns involving 7000 donors, distribution of more than 45000 butane gas cylinders, as well as paving and restoration of potholes in more than 65 streets."

Dr. Ghoneimy said that the reality of conditions volunteers, charities and businessmen participating in the campaign touched at first hand made them endeavor to do even more, despite dubious opposition calls creating despair and frustration, "I urge the media to highlight the bright side for the Egyptian people".

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Diab, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Executive Bureau, said: "We sensed the aspiration of all segments and factions of the great Egyptian people, and their positive outlooks on life. They still teach us to always look for hope and work for construction and the completion of the march of the revolution and to counter attempts of sabotage and destruction that aim to inspire a spirit of frustration and despair.

"The campaign will continue. I call on all political and community forces to join us. Our hands are extended to all, for cooperation. The Egyptian people are capable of great achievements. I note with regret, though, that some media focus on the darkest part of the image, spreading frustration and undermining the revolution."
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