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Muslim Brotherhood: Opposition Must Renounce Presidential Palace perimeter  Violence
Muslim Brotherhood: Opposition Must Renounce Presidential Palace perimeter Violence
With supposedly peaceful protests turning to violence, vandalism and lawlessness, the Brotherhood urges opposition forces to clear the area surrounding the Presidential Palace, to expose rioting thugs and criminals.
Friday, February 1,2013 23:20

Urgently feeling its national responsibility and common duty, the Muslim Brotherhood called upon all opposition forces demonstrating today (Friday) to withdraw from outside Itehadia Palace as protests turned into violence, vandalism and arson attacks on the presidential palace which criminals desperately tried to burn with Molotov cocktail bombs.

In a press statement, the Brotherhood said: "As demonstrations lost their peaceful nature in form and substance, it is no longer sufficient for opposition leaders to watch and condemn. It is time they took practical action on the ground and stopped giving political cover for acts of violence and lawlessness that we all renounce.

"Further, we reiterate that rumors about the Brotherhood going out to Itehadia Palace or Tahrir Square are completely baseless."

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