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Ghaniya: Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Ongoing Tahrir Violent Crimes Against Women
Ghaniya: Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Ongoing Tahrir Violent Crimes Against Women
Freedom and Justice Party leader Huda Ghaniya denounces sexual harassment, rape of women in Tahrir Square and violent attacks on State institutions; and demands those involved be tried.
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Sunday, February 3,2013 06:42

 Dr. Huda Ghaniya, former member of Egyptian parliament, condemned sexual harassment of girls and women in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, she said: "We denounce increasing sexual harassment crimes taking place against women in Tahrir Square. We affirm that Egyptian women will continue to have a leading role in the political and social arena.

"Women's voice will remain influential. Women will continue endeavors to consolidate the pillars of democracy, just as they stood in the face of injustice and tyranny in the past era."

Dr. Ghaniya went on, saying: "These are no revolutionaries, who commit such violent, heinous crimes against women in Egypt. Genuine Tahrir protesters must condemn this violence against women and flush out the culprits.

"It has become necessary to confront violence affecting women as well as State institutions through law enforcement, dialogue and understanding the mechanisms and principles of democracy that we all invoke, respect and obey. Those involved in such criminal acts must be held accountable."
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