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Legal Experts: Law Will Face Up to Violence and Vandalism
Legal Experts: Law Will Face Up to Violence and Vandalism
Investigations into attacks on the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party start soon, with legal experts and professionals affirming that law and order will soon prevail.
Thursday, February 7,2013 16:51

 Public Prosecutor Justice Talaat Abdullah ordered an investigation into the lawsuit filed by the lawyer Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Legal Committee; and Nasser Al-Hafi, former member of parliament, against all parties involved in attacks on and burning of 13 headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP in several provinces across Egypt after the commemoration of the January 25 Revolution.

Abdel-Maksoud said, in the lawsuit – No. 300 for the year 2013 ‘Public Prosecutor’: "The Egyptian people revolted against injustice, corruption and tyranny that weighed heavily on the conscience of this honorable people for long decades, and made its great January 25, 2011 Revolution, which impressed the whole world with its peaceful nature.

"That revolution succeeded in removing the head of the corrupt regime, but there remained the body of that tyrannical system still steering the destiny of this great people. It tried to undermine this revolution, especially as the Egyptian people marched with steady steps on its chosen road to modern democracy with constitutional institutions through which it hoped to achieve objectives and aspirations of this great revolution."

He further said: "Exploiting this revolution, certain parties sought to use celebrations of the second anniversary of the Revolution and incited violence beforehand and through clearly subversive slogans deliberately aimed at provoking chaos and lawlessness, publicly threatening that this anniversary would witness the burning of Egypt and killing of its citizens and all state institutions.

"Those parties attacked and burned the headquarters of the Brotherhood and the FJP. These acts are crimes punishable by the Egyptian Penal Code, namely use of force, violence and intimidation in order to disturb public order and destroy public stability, endangering the safety and security of society at large, and harming and terrorizing people.

"Confessions of the accused as recorded by various satellite TV channels and digital social networks prove that these are part of an organized crime group seeking to attack private property and personal freedom of citizens and to disturb social peace."

Abdel-Maksoud stressed that the events of January 25, 2013 and the killings and destruction of that day confirmed that these and others are trading with the blood of honorable martyrs of January 25, 2011. They do not respect popular and constitutional legitimacy, and seek by all illegal means to drag the country into chaos and confusion, and to harm the country’s economy through use of violence and vandalism throughout Egypt.

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