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Presidency Condemns Political Violence and Edicts Legalizing Killing of Opponents
Presidency Condemns Political Violence and Edicts Legalizing Killing of Opponents
Egyptian presidency stresses that dialogue is the only way to complete the path and achieve remaining objectives of the peaceful January 25 Revolution.
Saturday, February 9,2013 18:42

The Egyptian revolution is going through a critical phase where dialogue is the only way to complete its path and achieve harmony among all Egyptians, without discrimination, bias or exclusion. For dialogue is now essential to safeguard the nation and the homeland.

Practicing religious violence or threatening to do so has become one of the gravest challenges facing Arab Spring revolutions as they build their fledgling democracies. So, all Egyptians – government and people – must join hands to avoid the danger of civil strife and face attempts to spread division in Egypt, our beloved homeland. We must work to confront these heinous crimes by all legal, political, societal and cultural means.

It is absurd that some (in Egypt) advocate political violence and incite it while others, who claim to speak in the name of religion, allow killing on the basis of political differences, which would be terror itself.

The presidency affirms its complete rejection of hate speech in the name of religion, and of which religion is innocent, and calls on national forces, religious institutions and leading thinkers to stand united in confronting this unacceptable language of incitement that constitutes a departure from the tolerance called for by all religions and represents a serious deviation from the peaceful path of the great Egyptian Revolution.

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