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Tunisia: Joint Statement by CPR, Wafa, Ennahdha, Freedom & Dignity Group
Tunisia: Joint Statement by CPR, Wafa, Ennahdha, Freedom & Dignity Group
Today, 13 February 2013, representatives of the following parties and assembly groups:
Thursday, February 14,2013 13:10

Today, 13 February 2013, representatives of the following parties and assembly groups: the Freedom & Dignity Group of the National Constituent Assembly, Wafa movement, Congress for the Republic and Ennahdha Party, met to discuss developments in the political scene. After a frank discussion and wide-ranging assessment of the current national situation and required steps, they jointly express:

1. Their attachment to national unity and commitment to the embodiment of the aims of the revolution and the legitimacy of the National Constituent Assembly and the democratic institutions based on it.

2. Their absolute and strong condemnation of the assassination of Chokri Belaid and their call to expedite the inquiry into the case in order to reveal the identity of the perpetrators who sought, through this crime, to undermine national unity and stability, overturn the legitimacy of elected institutions and call for foreign intervention.

3. Their commitment to the success of this transitional phase by completing the drafting of the constitution, holding elections at the earliest possible time and commitment to achieving the aims of the revolution as detailed in the joint political charter submitted to the Prime Minister.

4. Their call for establishing broad national consensus around the principal issues so as to facilitate the setting of an optimal timetable for the transition.

5. Their assessment that the current phase requires the existence of a national political coalition that is open to both partisan and independent figures, one that is supported by a broad political and popular support base and involves the elected National Constituent Assembly and that is committed to achieving the aims of the revolution, at the forefront of which is ensuring accountability for past violations; combating corruption and monopolies and tackling the rise in living costs; stimulating production and achieving security through strict application of the law and providing the political climate for achieving these imperatives.

6. Their consideration of the Ettakattol Party (Democratic Forum for Labour and Freedoms) a principal partner in this agreement.

7. Their openness in this coalition to all national forces on the basis of a shared commitment to the achievement of the aims of the revolution.

Freedom & Dignity Group in the National Constituent Assembly
Ennahdha Party
Congress for the Republic Party
Wafa movement

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