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Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Be Dragged Into Violence; Seeking Genuine Dialogue
Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Be Dragged Into Violence; Seeking Genuine Dialogue
The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, rejects as both unpatriotic and undemocratic desperate efforts to disrupt forthcoming parliamentary elections, now an evident pre-election phenomenon in postrevolution Egypt arena.
Saturday, February 16,2013 22:14

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) held a conference Friday for party leaders across Egypt to discuss the FJP's preparations for elections to the House of Representatives, to review the latest developments in the political arena and the FJP’s vision for the country’s economic situation, and to discuss ways to improve the lives of citizens. The conference runs until Saturday evening.

For his part, Hussein Ibrahim, FJP Secretary-General, reaffirmed that no-one will succeed in dragging the party into violence and chaos, adding: "I say to our youth who wanted to respond to calls for violence: 'The wise impose their plan on their opponents, rather than act on their agenda'. We welcome all calls to unconditional dialogue. For the benefit of Egypt, too, we must rise above all elitist agendas. We strongly condemn all human rights violations. We salute all those who stood today in liberation squares across Egypt to renounce violence and reject calls for spreading lawlessness and chaos.

"I salute the Egyptian people who condemned the counter-revolution and paved the way to parliamentary elections now by approving the new constitution. The revolution has achieved many of its goals, and still has a lot to complete. We ourselves can put our country on the path to greatness and regional leadership."

Ibrahim further said: "The FJP will run the upcoming elections fully confident that our people will give us their trust as they did before. We are proud of this trust, which we in fact accept as a great responsibility and which we never and will never fail to honor. The FJP’s Executive Bureau is nearing completion of final lists of candidates for the upcoming House of Representatives elections.

"The FJP was keen to complete rebuilding of state institutions and the whole country, and to help the ordinary citizen to cross the severe economic crisis through services and activities such as the ‘Together, We Build Egypt’ campaign."

Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmed Diab, member of the FJP’s Executive Bureau, began his speech with a tribute to the blood of the martyrs of Egypt who led to the January 25 Revolution and watered the tree of Egypt’s freedom and dignity.

He added that the FJP, with millions of Egyptians behind it, is perfectly capable of building a great future for the homeland and the great Egyptian people.

"Since its inception, the FJP has repeatedly stressed – at the top of its platform – that it is one of the good fruits of the peaceful revolution that has never been violent, and that the people will always go forth, and no barriers or difficulties will stop them until they complete their march to full democratic transformation.

"Before every historical development in Egypt, some obstacles are thrown in the way. Now, dubious forces are endeavoring to cause difficulties before the next parliamentary elections. But they will not succeed, because the people will not let them. The people will overcome all these barriers and obstacles.

Dr. Diab paid special tribute to FJP leadership and members, because they all have big roles in reaching the man in the street and in familiarizing citizens with FJP vision.

"We are embarking on important parliamentary elections, where we highlight the message of patriotism and honesty, and a refined sense of responsibility. Our Egypt is in dire need of the spirit of moral responsibility. We underline the importance of practical role models and good examples. Egypt is most in need of good role models of construction, not demolition or subversion – models of giving and sacrifice."


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