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Tosson Urges Community Dialogue to Discuss Election Law Constitutional Court Opinion
Tosson Urges Community Dialogue to Discuss Election Law Constitutional Court Opinion
Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Tosson urges more positive community dialogue and internal Shura Council discussions on Egypt’s Constitutional Court demands for amendments of certain articles in draft law on parliamentary elections.
Tuesday, February 19,2013 06:53

 Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC), headed by Maher Beheiri, on Monday ruled unconstitutional the amendments in the texts of the People's Assembly and political rights laws, concerning the definition of a ‘farmer’, the division of constituencies, political isolation, and voting by Egyptians abroad. The court further affirmed that if a member of parliament changes his or her political affiliation, their membership would automatically be cancelled.

An application was submitted earlier to the SCC to examine the constitutionality of a draft law amending some provisions of Law no. 38 of 1972 concerning elections of the People's Assembly, and Law no. 73 of 1956 concerning the organization of the exercise of political rights.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Mohamed Tosson, head of the Shura Council’s Committee on Legislative Affairs and a Muslim Brotherhood leader, said: "We will call for meetings within the legislative committee to review and discuss the SCC’s decision.

"We will resort to public hearings and discussions, and listen to all parties, once again, in order to avoid what the SCC rejected in its observations."
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