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Ghozlan: No Communications Between Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and Presidency
Ghozlan: No Communications Between Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau and Presidency
Brotherhood leader Ghozlan reaffirms that the group’s Guidance Bureau has no contact with the Presidency and strictly refrains from interfering with presidential institution affairs.
Friday, February 22,2013 14:36

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood leader, rejected as totally baseless rumors published February 20 by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk about the relationship between the Guidance Bureau and the presidency under sensationalist front-page titles including: "Al-Shorouk reveals the secrets of communications between the presidential palace and the guidance bureau" and "Muslim Brotherhood Sources: President puts his continuance in post at disposal of Supreme Guide".

Dr. Ghozlan said: "I would like to assure that everything mentioned in that report is completely unfounded. It is a purely fabricated lie told falsely in the name of respectable officials and public figures who have their well-known weight in the Egyptian street.

"Since the newspaper failed to name its sources, it must bear full responsibility for publishing such lies and false reports that harm the nation as a whole. It has broken all red lines. This is way beyond the usual ‘free press’ pretext. This is a serious assault on the reputation of individuals and institutions."

Dr. Ghozlan stressed that Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, and the Guidance Bureau did not interfere with any executive authority in any manner whatsoever.

He pointed that the general political situation in Egypt now requires everyone to do their best for the homeland, to beware of anything that would create confusion and spread dangerous rumors among citizens, to commit to truth, accuracy and professional standards, and to realize how serious false stories can be for the homeland and the people.

Earlier on February 17, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood, strongly refuted false claims in Al-Watan newspaper to the effect that the Muslim Brotherhood had put forward a candidate for the post of prime minister.

Dr. Hussein said: "This was vehemently denied by the Brotherhood, which stated that this is a matter for the Egyptian President alone and that the group does not interfere in this jurisdiction at all".


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