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Muslim Brotherhood Plea to Cancel Unjust Death Sentence for Bangladesh Opposition Leaders
Muslim Brotherhood Plea to Cancel Unjust Death Sentence for Bangladesh Opposition Leaders
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood calls upon all pro-peace and freedom groups to intervene and persuade Bangladesh authorities to review the death sentence wrongly given to opposition leaders.
Friday, March 1,2013 08:08

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood leader, said: "The Muslim Brotherhood denounces the unjust death sentence against one of the Islamist opposition leaders in Bangladesh, and condemns the deadly force used against citizens during activities protesting the evidently wrongful sentence".

Earlier, the Anatolia news agency published a report on the killing of 30 people in clashes during demonstrations in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka to protest the death sentence unjustly given to Islamist leader Delwar Hussein Saidi, who had been arrested for political reasons, according to leaders of the Jama`a Islamiyya group.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Ghozlan further said: "We call upon all pro-peace, -freedom and -justice groups and movements to intervene to stop the blatant assault against the freedoms of citizens in Bangladesh in violation of all international charters and norms of international humanitarian law.

"The Brotherhood will shortly issue a press statement calling for the death penalty against the Islamist leader to be cancelled, especially since this case involves other leaders as well.

In an earlier statement, on the 7th of February 2013, the Muslim Brotherhood said that Islamist leaders in Bangladesh had been tried for "political rather than criminal charges", adding that those trials were held notwithstanding "the wind of freedom blowing through the world, and in spite of international conventions that prohibit infringement on public and private freedoms.

"While we reject and condemn these unjust and unfair trials that violate all international norms and conventions, we call upon all States, and in particular Muslim countries, and international bodies and institutions to apply all pressure to put right these trials and lift the injustice befalling political detainees in Bangladesh and to apply pressure, politically and morally, to stop this human tragedy."



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