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Badie Hails Historically Brave Canal Cities
Badie Hails Historically Brave Canal Cities
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie pays tribute to Egypt’s three Suez Canal cities, and expresses deep respect and appreciation for the country’s armed forces.
Saturday, March 2,2013 08:15

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, expressed the group’s sincere appreciation and respect for the Egyptian military institution, saying the Brotherhood condemns attempts to sow division and discord between them.

Dr. Badie pointed that the Egyptian army is the most organized official institution in Egypt, and that the Muslim Brotherhood – as the most organized civil society institution in the Egyptian street – is keen to maintain good relations with the country’s military, and would never tolerate vilification or slander of any of its symbols.

During a meeting with Muslim Brotherhood education officials in the three Canal provinces, Dr. Badie mentioned the nobility of the Canal cities’ citizens, who resisted the invasion with the utmost valor. He further sent a special message of greeting and solidarity for the people of Port Said and their right to seek a real investigation to reveal the truth of events that took place in Port Said and apprehend the real perpetrators.

According to a statement issued by the Muslim Brotherhood Information Office, Dr. Badie described ongoing violence as a dubious phenomenon alien to the traditionally peaceful and friendly Egyptian society.

"The Brotherhood’s mission is to reform the individual and society at large, and to seek Godly Rewards, not seats and votes. This is because we are advocates to God in the first place.

"Moreover, the obedience that prevails amongst Muslim Brotherhood members is truly enlightened, not at all ‘blind’ as some suggest. Real renaissance in Egypt is inevitable. But it requires sincere, pure intentions and unity among all Egyptians."
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