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FJP and Muslim Brotherhood Launch Second Phase of 'Together, We Build Egypt' Campaign
FJP and Muslim Brotherhood Launch Second Phase of 'Together, We Build Egypt' Campaign
The Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party continue their powerful 'Together, We Build Egypt' campaign, helping ordinary citizens throughout Egypt – something which the Brotherhood has done for decades.
Saturday, March 2,2013 08:31

Yasser Mehrez, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, announced the start of the second phase of the 'Together, We Build Egypt' campaign, launched by the Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) on the second anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.

"The Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, in cooperation with the FJP, is launching the second phase, with a focus on medical and health care for villages and hamlets across Egypt, as well as helping Egyptian households with the heavy costs of medical treatment, in addition to providing food commodities at discounted prices through special food fairs.

"These two issues are the most important for the average Egyptian citizen. They are among Egyptians’ highest priorities. The campaign must continue until it achieves all its goals."

Mehrez further said: "The campaign will not stop even after the parliamentary elections. This is part of the heritage and endeavors of the Muslim Brotherhood, which it did regularly over many past decades, in all the villages and hamlets of the country.

"The first phase achieved its targets magnificently. In fact, figures show that what has been done exceeds set targets, especially as the great Egyptian people interacted with the campaign."
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