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Muslim Brotherhood Students Win University Elections Despite Media Bombardment
Muslim Brotherhood Students Win University Elections Despite Media Bombardment
Brotherhood Student Spokesman Taha confirms student union wins amid desperate media wars deliberately vilifying Brotherhood students.
Saturday, March 9,2013 08:54

Ahmed Taha, Muslim Brotherhood student spokesman, confirmed that student-union elections at Egyptian universities have come to an end at five universities only: Damietta, Minya, Banha, Assiut and Damanhur.

"Despite the intensive campaigns waged against us, we won the positions of Secretary and Assistant-Secretary at the universities of Damanhur, Damietta and Minya. At the University of Assiut, we won only the position of Secretary. We did not win either seat in Banha University, because we did not have any candidates contesting those seats.

"Muslim Brotherhood students engaged in the electoral process have to withstand an unusual media barrage deliberately vilifying them and the Brotherhood, fabricating grossly misleading fables. For instance, Egyptian news website 'Al-Youm Al-Sabea' reported that a university college banned a Brotherhood Professor from supervising the elections because he was accused of fraud. A totally unfounded lie. Another ‘news report’ claimed that the son of the Brotherhood’s Vice-Chairman failed in Ain-Shams University elections, although that person did not participate in the elections at all."

Taha further added: "Journalists are also manipulating election results, publishing some incorrectly. They even said: 'The Brotherhood lost at the University of Alexandria', while in fact we won 33 student union seats at the university there. The media barrage continues even now after the elections ended in some universities.

"We have proof that a lot of money came from outside the university to support some of the candidates. Moreover, some universities went out of their way to support certain candidates. We have physical evidence of that, we'll submit to the competent authorities."

Taha said that the biggest success of the Brotherhood's rivals was achieved by independents and not by political parties, while the media claims the opposite in their false reports.

"We did suffer losses in some colleges. However, Brotherhood students still assure they will support the upcoming Student Union no matter who wins."

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