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Calls to Attack Guidance Office are about Hate and Anarchy, Not Freedom or Democracy
Calls to Attack Guidance Office are about Hate and Anarchy, Not Freedom or Democracy
Muslim Brotherhood lawyer Abdel-Maksoud stresses that certain youth calling for an attack on the group’s Guidance Office are an utter disgrace to the peaceful revolution.
Friday, March 15,2013 16:56

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, the Muslim Brotherhood's lawyer, described threats made by some young people to besiege and attack the group’s Guidance Office Friday as barbaric; have nothing to do with freedom of opinion and expression, and that any such attack would be a blatant assault on people’s rights and private property.

"This is a gross insult to honorable revolutionaries of Egypt who rose up against injustice, corruption and tyranny, and a sinister attempt to push them into the violence gripping the country, committed by hired thugs."

"The Muslim Brotherhood rejects violence, whatever its source. It is determined not to turn political dispute into physical violence, and to keep the dispute within the confines of freedom of opinion and expression, in order to preserve those great values which are the most important principles of democracy that we seek to instill in our beloved Egypt, and to prevent the thugs and infiltrators from further harming the security and stability of the homeland."

Abdel-Maksoud pointed that he filed a legal complaint with the Public Prosecutor and the Minister of the Interior against those calling for a siege of and attacks on the Guidance Office, "those who seek to foment violence and chaos in Egyptian society in the name of freedom and democracy".

He reiterated that these acts have nothing to do with freedom of opinion and expression, nor with defending the revolution or its gains, "they are part of the intensive scheme to tarnish the image of the Brotherhood and its members.

"These acts completely clash with the ethics of the great Egyptian people, represent a grave breach of the law and the Constitution, and gravely undermine the rule of law which we are so keen to establish in Egyptian society.

"Brotherhood members are quite capable of protecting their headquarters, but they are determined that the police must do their duty in safeguarding the security and stability of the homeland and hit with an iron fist all those who tamper with state institutions or vandalize buildings and headquarters of parties and political forces."

Abdel-Maksoud urged Egyptian media to commit to neutrality and objectivity in covering events, instead of defending acts of violence and vandalism in violation of the law and the Constitution.

"The media must contribute to restoring security and stability of the homeland, especially since there are some hostile media that encourage such acts of violence and provide protection for their perpetrators, in violation of the media and press charter, and clearly risk losing credibility with the Egyptian public opinion."

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