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Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Attack on Headquarters as Unlawful, Immoral
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Attack on Headquarters as Unlawful, Immoral
While the Muslim Brotherhood respects peaceful protesters and demonstrators, the group rejects vulgarities, vandalism and violence
Sunday, March 17,2013 07:12

 Yasser Mehrez, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said the group respects protesters seeking to express opinions freely, without violating others’ rights, offending people or damaging public or private property.

"Everyone has the right to express their opinion. This is one of the fruits of the January 25 revolution. But whoever calls a protest or march must bear the consequences of what they call. It is totally unacceptable that certain individuals call demonstrations or marches knowing they would invariably end in violence and vandalism and then shrug off their responsibility of bloody results.

"The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns assembly of some demonstrators at the doorstep of the Brotherhood’s Moqattam main office. Such gatherings are most absurd, out of place. We completely denounce the attack by some so-called protesters on the Brotherhood office, and the skirmishes they fought with the building’s security personnel. Also, calls for the downfall of ‘the rule of the supreme guide’ are irrelevant, because he never ruled or took a government office."

Separately, Gihad al Haddad, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, said in a post on Facebook: "Attacking public and private property and writing abrasive anti-social swear-words, especially in the middle of a residential area, are certainly illegal and immoral, not only in Egypt, but in all civilized societies around the world.

"Such heinous acts are completely inconsistent with the values and ethics of the Egyptian society. Meanwhile, picturing the scene as an assault on journalists is a total distortion of the facts and a deliberate attempt to mislead public opinion."

Earlier, dozens of activists gathered in front of the Muslim Brotherhood main office, clashed with the building’s security personnel, and painted offensive graffiti on the ground at the doorstep of the building, after their calls to protests there failed to attract anyone on Friday.


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