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Muslim Leaders Brutally Tortured in Bangladesh
Muslim Leaders Brutally Tortured in Bangladesh
Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh urges human rights organizations to condemn unbearable physical torture and psychological suffering inflicted on its leaders in detention.
Monday, March 18,2013 15:40

The Secretary-General of the Jamaat-e-Islami (Islamic Group) in Bangladesh has issued a statement strongly condemning and denouncing the brutal physical and mental torture suffered by the group’s Assistant Secretary-General Mohamed Salim-Eddin in jail in the name of investigations by the government against symbols of political Islam under the specter of death for purely political and fabricated charges.

The statement pointed that the Criminal Court issued a warrant for Salim-Eddin’s arrest on charges of contempt of court. He was then promptly arrested. The court accepted a request for his release on bail. But immediately the police arrested him again on additional charges, and detained him for seven days pending investigations.

The statement further pointed that Mohamed Salim-Eddin was subjected to the worst and most excruciating forms of torture at the hands of the police, resulting in permanent injuries in parts of his body. His health deteriorated very seriously, which may lead to his death.

In the statement, the Jamaat-e-Islami said: "This persecution and brutal treatment of leaders and political opposition figures, and the brutal torture of Mohamed Salim-Eddin, is only part of the government scheme to physically liquidate them".

The statement called on international human rights organizations to condemn the barbaric practices taking place in the name of ongoing investigations in Bangladesh.

Moreover, the statement said: "The government must release all political prisoners, including Salim-Eddin. It must bear full responsibility for any harm that may befall him, God forbid".

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