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Mahmoud Ghozlan: Attacks on Muslim Brotherhood Pure Thuggery; We Will Continue to Serve Egypt
Mahmoud Ghozlan: Attacks on Muslim Brotherhood Pure Thuggery; We Will Continue to Serve Egypt
Terror attacks targeting Egypt Brotherhood members, headquarters and activities on its 85th anniversary will not stop the group’s endeavors in the service of the homeland and the people.
Saturday, March 23,2013 05:19

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood leader, said: "Watched by the whole world, violent attacks around the Guidance Bureau HQ reveal the opposition's rejection of peaceful protest and honorable competition through democratic mechanisms and its determination to drag Egypt into the dark tunnels of mindless savagery and wanton destruction."

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Ghozlan added: "The Muslim Brotherhood, on its 85th anniversary, remains steadfast, despite all attempts by previous repressive regimes to eliminate it. Ongoing desperately violent attempts will not succeed either. The Brotherhood will not cower or stop rebuilding the homeland or serving the people".

He added: "These attacks on the Brotherhood are pure thuggery – criminal and illegal. Injuries among Brotherhood members in the vicinity of the Guidance Bureau HQ reached 72 people suffering various types of injuries.

"A number of buses carrying groups of Brothers have been torched. Thugs broke into Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) HQ in Manyal district in Cairo, terrorizing seven young ladies who were preparing for Mothers’ Day celebrations. Meanwhile, criminals attempted to storm the FJP headquarters in Mahalla and Alexandria."

Dr. Ghozlan further said: "It is very clear now that certain parties and individuals seek to drag the Brotherhood into violence so the situation in Egypt would look more like civil war, to force the army to intervene. We will, yet again, endure the harm and injury inflicted upon us in order to foil those perilous plots.

"Some people are trying to create a scene of total chaos and lawlessness, to try to show the whole world that the authorities are powerless to stop their acts of violence that have nothing to do with peaceful protest, while the opposition provides political cover for all the thuggery, sabotage and savagery that those are trying to spread across Egypt."

Dr. Ghozlan called on those who believe in democracy to be judged by the will of the people and to withdraw from the cycle of violence and thuggery.

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