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Muslim Brotherhood Documents Moqattam Attacks Criminality with Pictures and Videos
Muslim Brotherhood Documents Moqattam Attacks Criminality with Pictures and Videos
Criticizing media silence over criminal attacks against the Brotherhood and supporters Friday, the group posts online photographs and video recordings that clearly show the extent of violence.
Tuesday, March 26,2013 21:23

The Muslim Brotherhood compiled a large collection of pictures and videos documenting the crimes and abuses the group’s supporters suffered last Friday near the Brotherhood’s headquarters in the Cairo district of Moqattam amid a total blackout by most private Egyptian media that would not show any pictures and videos that evidently incriminate the attackers.

Indeed, photographs of the attacks show a number of direct wounding incidents where members and supporters of the group were burnt with Molotov fire-bombs, lynched brutally or deliberately cut and stabbed with bladed weapons. The website YouTube has a number of videos that prove the criminality committed against the Brotherhood.

Separately, in an article published in the newspaper Al-Shorouk, under the title 'TV War', renowned columnist Fahmi Howeidi said: "Media bias is a very dangerous thing, because it confuses and misleads public opinion and obscures the facts. This bias corrupts media professionalism, causing it to deviate from its real mission: to relay news and pictures neutrally.

"In the clashes that took place in front of the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Moqattam, most private Egyptian Satellite TV channels hosted many so-called protesters who took part in the attacks. We barely saw the other party who defended the headquarters."

Howeidi confirmed that the media in general and television in particular are now Egypt's most dangerous weapons, because they can be used to ignite a counter-revolution and create chaos and confusion.




























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