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Murad Ali: Freedom and Justice Party is No Advocate of Violence; Will Pursue Rights by Law
Murad Ali: Freedom and Justice Party is No Advocate of Violence; Will Pursue Rights by Law
With Egyptian media mostly turning facts upside down, in their deliberately false reports on violent attacks by saboteurs and provocateurs across the country, the FJP seeks to expose culprits.
Wednesday, March 27,2013 12:13

 Dr. Murad Ali, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) media adviser, said: "I know that the hearts of Islamic current youths are filled with rage and pain, and that anger at the crimes committed in Cairo’s Moqattam district has reached a crescendo.

"Hostile media made matters worse by turning the facts to portray these clearly criminal attacks as simple clashes between two parties, rather than the barbaric bloody blitz it was, against peaceful citizens."

On his Facebook page, Ali urged young people to direct their anger in a constructive way, "We were never and will never be advocates of violence.

He further said: "The right way, from my point of view, is to expose and pursue these criminals legally, whether those who incited violence or those who participated in violence directly.

"I suggest young people should form groups and focus on naming and shaming all those who contributed directly or indirectly in the brutal battle, in their neighborhoods and places of work."

He added: "I also suggest that young people should gather all evidence against these criminals and publicize it, so no-one can hide the truth or exonerate these criminals, as happened before."

He concluded his address to Islamic current youth, saying: "I have great confidence in the ability of our young people to be creative in revealing the truth and exposing the criminals. Let’s keep our vengeance legal and innovative".

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