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Muslim Brotherhood Letter to Al-Shorouk Newspaper
Muslim Brotherhood Letter to Al-Shorouk Newspaper
Muslim Brotherhood leader Ghozlan warns private paper after another wave of malicious anti-Brotherhood slander and blatant attempts at sowing sedition among factions of Egyptian society.
Thursday, March 28,2013 22:38

To Imad El-Din Hussein, Executive Editor of Al-Shorouk newspaper:

Dear Sir,

On Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Al-Shorouk Newspaper published – in a front-page main story – a ‘report’ claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council held an emergency meeting Monday at the invitation of the Guidance Bureau to discuss how to respond to attacks on Brotherhood youth in Moqattam last Friday, and to mobilize rank-and-file support for decisions yet to be issued by President Morsi about statements made in his Sunday speech, and that the meeting discussed the arrest of opposition figures, imposition of house arrest and the closure of satellite TV channels.

I categorically confirm to you that this story with all its details is completely false and fabricated. There is simply no truth at all in any meeting of neither the Brotherhood Shura Council nor the Guidance Bureau being held. Consequently, no discussion of any matter has taken place as reported in your newspaper. Moreover, the Muslim Brotherhood does not arrest anyone. The Brotherhood adopts a peaceful, civilized and enlightened approach that Islam commands Muslims to take.

I would have thought that the bloody brutal attacks against the Brotherhood in Moqattam were enough to awaken consciences and persuade media professionals to tell the truth. Further, the Brotherhood does not impose house arrest nor shutter media outlets, because Brotherhood members never style themselves as judges over people or institutions nor do they break the law like many others do.

In particular, the report published in your newspaper claiming that an alleged meeting of the Brotherhood Shura Council discussed mobilizing the group’s rank-and-file to support the President's anticipated decisions, is not only a totally fabricated fable, but it dangerously incites political forces against the Brotherhood, stirs up discord in society, deepens the divide, and certainly corrupts and spoils, destroying social and political bonds. It also misleads and deceives readers into believing that the Brotherhood knows upcoming decisions that will be taken by the President. This is a blatant and utter lie that many media outlets deliberately repeat, in the hope that they may "lie and lie and lie again, until people believe them".

Previously, I sent you a correction, in another incident of incorrect inaccurate reporting in your newspaper. Then, you called me, and I told you at the time, "The media has a professional role and a mission to publish or broadcast the truth as it is, objectively. So, there has to be commitment to honesty and integrity, transparency, impartiality and accuracy."

I believe that the journalists’ charters of professional and moral ethics, as well as religious and legal frameworks dictate these values. Indeed, without them media would lose its meaningful mission and the press would fail its purpose. I certainly hope you would be a truly committed professional and journalist.

In conclusion, I hope you would kindly publish this letter at the same place where you published the inaccurate news ‘report’ to redress the situation, without affecting our legal rights.

I thank you in anticipation,

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman



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