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Beltagy: U.S. Intervention in Egyptian Internal Affairs Unacceptable
Beltagy: U.S. Intervention in Egyptian Internal Affairs Unacceptable
After decades of solid support for repressive dictatorships around the world and 30 long years of full backing for the repressive, tyrannical Mubarak regime, the U.S. administration boldly criticizes Egypt’s first elected government ostensibly for perceived limiting of free speech.
Friday, April 5,2013 08:34

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Executive Bureau, said that the US administration (and the US Embassy) – that previously tried to influence the domestic political game in Egypt by politicizing NGOs – is now reverting to political interference using slogans about protecting and supporting freedoms, Egyptian media and media figures.

In a post on his Facebook page, Beltagy added: "The US administration and embassy erupted, outraged, as soon as one media figure was summoned for questioning, not incarceration, nor trial, arrest, detention or investigation, all under the pretext of protection of freedoms.

"The US embassy and administration have forgotten that the Egyptian people have witnessed how for over thirty years the US rewarded, protected and fully supported, politically and economically, the oppressive Mubarak regime while it heavily used executions, torture, military trials and imprisonment without charge, of thousands of citizens, not to mention blatant and massive electoral fraud and a total freeze of civil society – unions, syndicates, professional and student associations and NGOs. All these horrendous crimes took place under the nose and with the blessing of the US administration."

Dr. Beltagy further said: "These obvious and unacceptable attempts by the US administration to interfere in the political game in Egypt through the so-called soft tools of meddling are simply a message of American blessing – a promise of protection, solidarity and support – for the continued hostile political and media attacks on Egypt’s new elected government, unless and until it announces commitment to US political and economic, internal and foreign policies, which Mubarak accepted over the past thirty years.

Beltagy stressed that, "the US administration's professed staunch defense of freedom in the Arab world, selective and seasonal, is nothing but a political game. Recent and distant history bears witness to that.

"I’m not just talking about the US administration’s stance toward rights and freedoms in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine as well as many other countries around the world; I am talking about the history of US support for the rights and freedoms in Egypt during the reign of Mubarak!"

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