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Freedom and Justice Party Denounces High Court Storming Attempts
Freedom and Justice Party Denounces High Court Storming Attempts
There is hardly an ‘opposition’ demonstration in Egypt today that does not include or end up with violence, vandalism, arson and murder. So much for right to peaceful protest!
Sunday, April 7,2013 06:46

 Murad Ali, media adviser to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said in a statement: "It is the right of any political party or movement to celebrate the anniversary of its founding, and the opposition has every right to protest and to express their opinions using all peaceful means. No-one, however, has the right to use violence or drag the country into chaos.

"What's the secret behind attempts to storm the Supreme Court? Is it at all conceivable that the Egyptian people would sympathize or acquiesce to attacks on their court houses and attempts to burn them down?"

Murad Ali further called on national and patriotic groups and movements to stand against these attacks and respond firmly against anyone who calls for the use of violence.

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