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Khairat Al-Shater Press Release on Misleading Media Fabrications
Khairat Al-Shater Press Release on Misleading Media Fabrications
Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman Al-Shater reminds Egypt’s print and broadcast media, and their audiences, of an earlier statement he made a few months ago regarding media fables and falsehoods concerning his person and business.
Monday, April 8,2013 19:25

In response to the ongoing campaign of false and deliberately misleading information and published falsified and fabricated documents, I would like to remind everyone of the statement below, which I issued a few months ago, so those who insist on circulating rumors about my modest person would stop:

"Recently, a series of rumors and fake documents supposedly relating to me have been circulating widely. God knows these rumors are completely unfounded and the documents are totally false. Unfortunately, hostile media have given these blatant lies too much coverage. I had promised myself not to respond to such rumors, for I believe that the homeland’s crises and concerns are a lot more important than these rumors meant to divert people’s attention away from serious issues and debates.

"I hope Egyptian media and free journalism would not engage in lies and rumors below acceptable professional standards, just to keep people away from the issues that matter for the homeland. I urge journalists and media professionals to work with us to explore the concerns of the nation and search for solutions to problems, rather than waste time on fabricated rumors about mortal individuals. Egypt is in dire need of honest media and serious journalism so that together we can make a real renaissance and create a promising future for our children and our homeland."

Khairat Al-Shater

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