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MP Emara: Sectarian Violence Red Line Political Opposition Must Not Cross
MP Emara: Sectarian Violence Red Line Political Opposition Must Not Cross
In a special session of Egypt’s parliament, MPs mourn cathedral clashes deaths, push for effective action to prevent violent clashes, and highlight the need for instilling a spirit of tolerance in society.
Wednesday, April 10,2013 14:23

 Dr. Saad Emara, Chairman of the Committee for Defense and National Security at the Shura Council (the second chamber of Egypt’s parliament), confirmed that the Committee held a meeting Tuesday and discussed Cairo’s Abbasiya Cathedral clashes, in the presence of the Shura Council Speaker, and that all lawmakers, representing all parties and orientations, condemned the cathedral clashes and demanded action on the ground to prevent recurrence of such tragic events.

"Sectarian strife is a red line political action must never cross. Everyone must show tolerance.

"Extremism is a problem that afflicts Muslims and Christians alike. Wise people on both sides must urge tolerance and peaceful co-existence. Incitement of both sides by the media must be condemned and stopped without delay."

Dr. Saad Emara added: "We agreed that a culture of tolerance must be encouraged, urging everyone to ensure the safety and security of the country, and to prevent any attempt to tamper with homeland stability. Investigations must be transparent, and the culprits must be held accountable whoever they are."

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