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Khossos Muslims and Copts in Reconciliation Meeting
Khossos Muslims and Copts in Reconciliation Meeting
As neighbors at home and partners at work, Muslims and Christians in Egypt commit to peaceful coexistence and to foil attempts to stoke sedition.
Thursday, April 11,2013 21:41

A conference of national unity was held in Khossos city (north of Cairo) – the scene of unfortunate clashes between Muslims and Christians where 6 people were killed from both sides – in the presence of Imad Abdul Ghafoor, President Morsi’s adviser; Adel Zayed, Qaliubiya Governor; Mahmoud Yousry, director of security; Rev. Yunnan Sroeal, representative of the Church; Mohamed Mahmoud, representative of the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments); Hamouda Mohamed, representative of Al-Azhar (Muslim Institution).

The conference was held amid tight security inside and outside, while hundreds of citizens gathered, waving Egyptian flags and banners calling for the elimination of sectarian strife.

At the beginning, all those attending the conference stood a minute's silence for the souls of the victims. Then, gathering citizens condemned recent violence in the city, and chanted slogans including 'Muslims and Christians, One Hand', 'Long live National Unity', and 'Long Live the Crescent with the Cross', while banners congratulated Khossos people for successful reconciliation efforts and the return of the city to normal life.

In a speech, Imad Abdul Ghafoor, Advisor to President Morsi, exhorted everyone to save the homeland, while Rev. Yunnan Sroeal, pastor of the Church of St. George, demanded the institution of the Presidency reconsider 'sectarian strife' issue and circumstances, pointing that there are some ‘provocateurs’ who are trying to conceal the truth and ignite sedition among partners of the one homeland.

Rev. Sroeal added, "Rapid intervention by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Pope Tawadros to solve the crisis was a good first step on the path of reconciliation between the two sides."

Mohamed Mahmoud, representative of the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments), said: "Sectarian strife has no place in Egypt. Muslims and Christians have been living as neighbors and partners in business and trade for long centuries. Even churches and mosques are always close neighbors. The culture of harmonious coexistence should be revived between the two wings of this homeland".

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