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Global Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians: Myanmar Muslims Suffer Genocidal War
Global Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians: Myanmar Muslims Suffer Genocidal War
The whole world watches as the Myanmar government uses extremist Buddhists to exterminate helpless Muslims in daily brutal massacres.
Friday, April 12,2013 12:58

 In a statement Thursday, the Global Forum of Islamist Parliamentarians (GFIP) expressed "deep regret and strong condemnation of the genocide of defenseless Burma Muslims in Myanmar with systematic, government-sponsored terrorism and daily massacres, although these Muslims have committed no crime.

"Such brutal bloody extermination of a human race has never been witnessed in any other country, amid totally unjustified silence from the world community, and at a time when the west is stressing the need to respect human rights and freedoms."

Hussein Ibrahim, GFIP Chairman, expressed his full solidarity with the Burma Muslim minority exposed to the most heinous barbaric crimes and unethical practices inconsistent with the most basic human values and principles, and contrary to all international norms and conventions on human rights which confirm, in many articles, the prohibition of torture and the criminalization of perpetrators.

According to Article V of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel treatment or inhuman or degrading punishment."

Ibrahim further said, "It is indeed most regrettable that the war of genocide against Burma Muslims takes place at the behest of the Burmese government that turns a blind eye to those crimes, and it does not apply the law to the perpetrators nor safeguards the rights and freedoms of the Burma Muslim minority. The government also ignores international appeals demanding an urgent and immediate end to this tragic humanitarian tragedy.

"These serious crimes are being repeated time and time again, which means that the sanctity of Muslim life is devalued and violated daily, and that the regime and its security services are deliberately liquidating citizens, without any regard for the law or the Constitution."

The GFIP demanded that the international community should assume its responsibilities towards the Muslim minority, pressure the Burmese government to stop the massacres of these vulnerable people, bring to trial all those responsible for such heinous crimes, and apply relevant provisions of the law and the Constitution without discrimination between them and other citizens.
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