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Muslim Brotherhood in Friday Rally Calling for Completion of Revolution Goals
Muslim Brotherhood in Friday Rally Calling for Completion of Revolution Goals
With Mubarak-era judiciary effectively putting an end to Egypt’s Revolution and its goals, patriotic stakeholders, groups and movements are left with no alternative but to take to the streets yet again.
Thursday, April 18,2013 23:52

The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria called on the province’s people to participate positively in huge demonstrations Friday, April 19, under the title 'Together, to achieve the goals of the Revolution... Together, to cleanse state institutions'.

Many national movements, parties and groups have announced they will certainly join the Friday demonstration, including Wassat Party, Asala, ‘Construction and Development’, and the ‘Coalition of Revolutionary Youth’.

In a press statement Thursday, Anas Al-Qadi, media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria, said: "This Friday’s demonstrations aim to try and correct the course of the Revolution in light of desperate and persistently escalating endeavors by the counter-revolution, as evident in the ‘festival of acquittals for all’ celebrating the toppled regime’s icons of corruption and symbols of repression and persecution, being set free, even exonerated, in several recent lawsuits.

"The struggle between the Revolution and the counter-revolution has reached the corridors of state institutions. Courts of law have been used to kill Egypt's Revolution, which the people made – sacrificing their blood and their lives. Purging the judiciary of some of corrupt elements involved in and sometimes leading the counter-revolution has become an obligation that can wait no longer."

Al-Qadi pointed that the demonstration seeks to correct the democratic path of the revolution with a number of demands, namely: purging state institutions of corrupt individuals; passing the judiciary law; retrial of all those involved in killing revolutionaries; taking revolutionary action against the corrupt; and recovering moneys plundered from Egypt and smuggled abroad.

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