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Muslim Brotherhood Seeks Sensible Judiciary Law, Coordination with All Patriotic Parties
Muslim Brotherhood Seeks Sensible Judiciary Law, Coordination with All Patriotic Parties
Egypt Brotherhood press release reaffirms fair demands of Friday’s demonstration outside Cairo’s High Court.
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Saturday, April 20,2013 15:40

A press statement from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, read by its media spokesman Dr. Ahmed Aref, confirming a timely end for a demonstration outside Cairo’s High Court Friday evening, said:

"Our just demands are perfectly clear to all Egyptians, ordinary citizens as well as professors of politics and masters of law: a truly fair justice system and retribution against all symbols of corruption.

Citizens feel bitter as they see that only the weak, only ordinary citizens get punished for mistakes; but criminal Mubarak cronies involved in murders and plundering the country’s wealth and resources, they are let loose."

The Brotherhood stressed the importance of a sensible law to improve the judicial authority in order to maintain the prestige and high standing of the judiciary and face up to those who insult and humiliate the justice system with their actions.

The Brotherhood further stressed the need for real activation of judicial inspection through a more empowered and effective Ministry of Justice, and the need for taking all constitutional actions, which are many, for prompt trials and speedy retrieval of looted moneys.

"We are keen to coordinate with all patriotic parties in Egypt. There is no time to waste in arguments and strife. Everyone should work towards our beloved Egypt’s noble goals, and must not be fall for any attempts to disrupt serious work and endeavors.

"The battle with the counter-revolution and the deep state is no longer shrouded in myth and mystery. The corrupt can no longer deceive the Egyptian man in the street, who expects to see the revolution’s goals achieved – nothing less."

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